24 CFR 107.25 Provisions in legal instruments

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(a) The following documents shall contain provisions or statements requiring compliance with E.O. 11063 and this part:

(1) Contracts, grants and agreements providing Departmental assistance for the provision of housing and related facilities,

(2) Contracts, grants and agreements regarding the sale, rental or management of properties owned by the Secretary,

(3) Corporate charters and regulatory agreements relating to multifamily and land development projects assisted by the Department,

(4) Approvals of financial institutions and other lenders as approved FHA mortgagees,

(5) Requests for subdivision reports under home mortgage procedures and for preapplication analysis of multifamily and land development projects, and

(6) Contracts and agreements providing for Departmental insurance or guarantee of loans with respect to housing and related facilities.

(b) The provision or statement required pursuant to this section shall indicate that the failure or refusal to comply with the requirments of E.O. 11063 or this part shall be a proper basis for the imposition of sanctions provided in Sec. 107.60.

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