24 CFR 103.215 Conduct of investigation

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(a) In conducting investigations under this part, the Assistant Secretary will seek the voluntary cooperation of all persons to obtain access to premises, records, documents, individuals, and other possible sources of information; to examine, record, and copy necessary materials; and to take and record testimony or statements of persons reasonably necessary for the furtherance of the investigation. (b) The Assistant Secretary may conduct and order discovery in aid of the investigation by the same methods and to the same extent that discovery may be ordered in an administrative proceeding under 24 CFR part 180, except that the Assistant Secretary shall have the power to issue subpoenas described in 24 CFR 104.590 in support of the investigation. Subpoenas issued by the Assistant Secretary must be approved by the General Counsel as to their legality before issuance.

[54 FR 3292, Jan. 23, 1989, as amended at 61 FR 41482, Aug. 8, 1996; 61 FR 52218, Oct. 4, 1996]