24 CFR 103.201 Service of notice on aggrieved person

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Upon the filing of a complaint, the Assistant Secretary will notify, by certified mail or personal service, each aggrieved person on whose behalf the complaint was filed. The notice will: that the complaint was accepted for filing.

(b) Include a copy of the complaint.

(c) Advise the aggrieved person of the time limits applicable to complaint processing and of the procedural rights and obligations of the aggrieved person under this part and part 180.

(d) Advise the aggrieved person of his or her right to commence a civil action under section 813 of the Fair Housing Act in an appropriate United States District Court, not later than two years after the occurrence or termination of the alleged discriminatory housing practice. The notice will state that the computation of this two-year period excludes any time during which a proceeding is pending under this part or part 180 with respect to a complaint or charge based on the alleged discriminatory housing practice. The notice will also state that the time period includes the time during which an action arising from a breach of a conciliation agreement under section 814(b)(2) of the Fair Housing Act is pending.

(e) Advise the aggrieved person that retaliation against any person because he or she made a complaint or testified, assisted, or participated in an investigation or conciliation under this part or an administrative proceeding under part 180, is a discriminatory housing practice that is prohibited under section 818 of the Fair Housing Act.

[54 FR 3292, Jan. 23, 1989, as amended at 61 FR 52218, Oct. 4, 1996]

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