NAACP urges debate questions on race issues

October 17, 2000
The NAACP, the oldest andlargest U.S. civil rights organization, said on Tuesday that it has asked the Commission onPresidential Debates to include questions with specific relevance to minorities in the final presidential debate.
     In a letter to the commission that has overseen two debates betweenDemocratic nominee Al Gore and Republican nominee George W. Bush, NAACP PresidentKweisi Mfume proposed a half dozen questions on subjects ranging from judicial nominations and police brutality to gunviolence and economic justice.
     The Baltimore-based National Association for the Advancement ofColored People said the issues have not been addressed in the first two presidential debates.
      In the first two debates, moderator Jim Lehrer has determined thequestions. Tuesday's 90-minute debate at Washington University in St. Louis takes the form of a ``town hall meeting'' with the candidatesfielding questions from a citizen audience.