NAACP plans suit over voting issues

November 29, 2000
The NAACP plans to sue Florida and several of its counties over alleged voting irregularities in the state's presidential election, the organization's president said Wednesday.
      Kweisi Mfume said the nation's largest civil rights organization will seek unspecified relief in the lawsuits, which could be filed next week. The goal is to identify any irregularities and prevent them from happening again.
      The NAACP also is asking local chapters to hold hearings into possible voting irregularities in other states.
      Mfume said he already has presented the Justice Department with complaints of voting irregularities, but the NAACP has received only one telephone call in response, simply thanking him for the referral.
      "This is a strange stance from this Justice Department, which continues to get colder as it nears the end of its term," Mfume said.