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Press releases

Suburban Philly center wins advertising case

In a stunning defeat for the newspaper, Realtor and real estate industries in Pennsylvania, a federal court ruled that a local fair housing group has the legal right to sue a newspaper and those who advertise in it for publishing discriminatory housing advertising. decisions issued last Spring which had denied standing to a fair housing group, the trial court found that the Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia was injured by the newspaper’s actions.

Class-action bias case ends with $575,000 settlement

An Alameda County Superior Court has approved a $575,000 settlement -- the largest class action housing discrimination case in state court history. The case, brought by an African-American family, alleged that they had been denied the opportunity to rent an apartment at the South Shore Garden Apartments in the city of Alameda in 1996, because of their race and because the apartment complex did not rent to families with children.

Oakland, CA landlord settles marital status discrimination complaint

Oakland, CA -- The fight for fair housing has won a major victory this week, with the owner of an apartment complex in Oakland, California agreeing to pay $4,000 to settle a marital status discrimination complaint. In December 1998, Renee contacted Sentinel Fair Housing, alleging that her landlady harassed her and forced her to relocate because she was a single, unmarried woman. The complaint has just been conciliated by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act of 1985.


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