1995 issues of The Advocate

Miami Landlord Pays $1.2 Million in Race Settlement

Jose Milton, one of Miami's wealthiest businesspersons, will pay settlements totaling $1.2 million because two of his former employees admitted to discriminating against Blacks seeking housing at one of his apartment complexes. Miami's Housing Opportunities Project for Excellence (HOPE) has settled this latest in a series of major Dade County housing discrimination cases in August.

HUD FHEO Says Conciliation Agreements are Public

HUD's Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, Office of Investigations, has extended its series of Guidance Notices with a new memo opposing confidential conciliation agreements. The notice said, "...conciliation must be fashioned with the understanding by all parties that it will be disclosed fully," with limited exceptions. The notice says the following statement should be included in each agreement, "This conciliation agreement is a public document subject to publication or disclosure."

Supreme Court Rules Cities Can't Bar Group Homes for Disabled

Cities cannot use single-family zoning to bar group homes for disabled people, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in May. The Court said cities could not enforce occupancy limits in a discriminatory way to exclude the disabled including recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.

In a dispute over the application of the Fair Housing act, the court said communities may set occupancy limits, space requirements and other restrictions on houses occupied by unrelated people, like group homes, but only if they also apply to everyone living in the area.

Elizabeth K. Julian named Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary at HUD

HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros has named Elizabeth K. Julian as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Initiative. Ms. Julian will replace Roberta Achtenberg, who resigned in April as Assistant Secretary for FHEO to run for mayor of San Francisco.

According to a spokesman at HUD, Ms. Julian had served as Deputy General Counsel under Nelson Diazsince since January 1994. In that position she was a key policy maker in the revitalized FHEO department at HUD.

HUD ALJ Heinz Enters Defaults in Race, Family Cases

Housing and Urban Development Administrative Law Judge Thomas C. Heinz ordered payments totaling $38,343 in three cases involving race and family discrimination in March, April and May. In each of these three cases default judgments were entered after respondents filed no answer. When they failed to file an answer to the charge of Discrimination the allegations were admitted. Hearings were held to take evidence on appropriate relief in the respective cases in Central Islip, NY, Albany NY, and Sparks, NV.

Chicago Human Relations Commission Orders Broker to Pay $54,000 To Black and White Complainants

The Chicago Commission on Human Relations in May ordered a real estate broker to pay $54,000 for failure to allow a sublease because of race. The complaint by a white condo tenant and an African-American prospective subtenant alleged that Real Estate Broker Dean Sallas, refused the sublet because of race.

Segregation Still the Norm

by Earni Young

Philadelphia Daily News

(Used by permission)

"We have seen the enemy and it is us," was the summary comment offered during a day long conference on the barriers to racially integrated neighborhoods and housing markets. The conference at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Mount Airy was sponsored by Fund for the Future of Philadelphia program for the Fund for an Open Society, nonprofit group that promotes racial integration in housing markets.


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