1995 issues of The Advocate

Federal Judge Awards Damages in Chicago Cross-Burning at Biracial Home

A federal judge in June ordered $255,151 in damages be paid to a Ravenswood neighborhood family targeted in a cross-burning incident in 1990. In the decision, U.S. District Judge Milton Shadur ordered the defendants, William Smith, Kevin O'Brien, Brian Em berton and Emberton's parents, David and Julia, to pay damages to Tina Johnson's family. Ms. Johnson is white and her children and daughter-in-law are African-American.

Fair Housing Advocate Web Site Receives FHIP Grant

The National Fair Housing Advocate Web Site was funded under the most recent round of Fair Housing Initiative Program awards by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The grant includes the continuation of the Advocate Web Page begun last June, as well as placing an in-house computer server directly on the Internet. This server gives easier control over the content and availability of the National Fair Housing Advocate Web Page .

Brooklyn Race Discrimination Case Settles for $75,000

The New York Open Housing Center (OHC) and 8 Black tester/plaintiffs settled a class action lawsuit against Abram and Ephraim Landau of Boro Park, Brooklyn for $75,000. The case, conducted by Phyllis Spiro, OHC's Deputy Director, was settled in July when a consent agreement between the parties was approved by Judge Carol Amon of the Federal Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Vermont Supreme Court Affirms Award of $69,706 to Human Rights Comm. and Family in Trailer Park Case

The Vermont Supreme Court, in October, upheld a trial court's decision finding the Vermont Human Rights Commission proved that the Limehurst Mobile Home Park had discriminated against families by restricting occupancy. The Court used the theory of "dis parate treatment" to hold that the defendants subjected families with children to unlawful discrimination. The Court then affirmed the award of $69,706.

Ohio Mortgage Company Agrees to Pay $420,000 for Charging Blacks Higher Prices for Mortgage Loans

A Columbus mortgage company will compensate African-Americans who paid higher prices for home mortgage loans than equally qualified whites in the Cleveland area, under an agreement reached in October with the Justice Department.

The Department began reviewing the lending practices of Huntington Mortgage Company in August 1994.

HUD ALJs Order Payments to Fair Housing Groups

Two Housing and Urban Development Administrative Law Judges included payments to fair housing groups for education, outreach and training in Summer settlements. The largest "donation" of $10,000 went to the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission, under an order from Chief HUD ALJ Alan W. Heifetz. A smaller payment of $500 went to the Marin Fair Housing Program in California, for a required fair housing training session as ordered by ALJ William C. Cregar.

FHC-Detroit Publishes "$20,000,000 And Counting"

There are over 70 private, non-profit, enforcement oriented fair housing centers in the United States that are also members of the National Fair Housing Alliance -- a national coalition of private, non-profit, enforcement oriented fair housing groups. Staff at FHC-Detroit were aware that most of these groups have been involved in gathering testing evidence that has assisted in the filing of many housing discrimination suits in state and federal courts.


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