1995 issues of The Advocate

Boston Broker Who Said Rental to Black Family Cost His Job, Gets $10,000 Settlement from HUD ALJ

A Boston real estate broker who charged he was fired by his real estate company employer because he rented an apartment to an African-American family, settled his case for $10,000 in a consent order signed before hearing. HUD Administrative Law Judge Alan Heifetz approved the consent decree in February 1994.

The incident sparked a controversy over integration in a traditionally Italian-American neighborhood in Boston's North End.

100 Modems distributed for access to the Advocate page on the World Wide Web

The National Fair Housing Advocate has distributed more than 100 modems as part of their HUD-FHIP grant to give fair housing supporters access to the Internet and to the National Fair Housing Advocate Web Site, which can be reached at http://www.fairhousing.com. The initial grant was budgeted for 75 modems but the Advocate was able to distribute more due to a better than expected bidding process and a drop in modem prices. The first six months of Internet access costs will also be paid for 100 fair housing groups.

Management company to pay $50,000 to settle Toledo sexual harassment suit

In February, Central Management Company agreed to pay $50,000 plus attorney fees to the Toledo Fair Housing Center and their client, Tamara Ransford. The payment was the monetary portion of the settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Ransf ord and the Toledo Fair Housing Center.

The lawsuit was filed after Ransford made a complaint of sexual harassment against Kenneth Canda, the resident manager of Greenleaf Apartments in southern Toledo. The Fair Housing Act prohibits sexual harassment by housing providers.

Hayward, CA will pay $94,200 to mobile home park owners family to settle status discrimination case

The city of Hayward, California agreed to pay $94,200 in damages to S.G. Borello and Sons, Inc., the owners of Eden Roc Mobile Home Park after more than four years in court. The suit, brought on behalf of Borello and Sons, was filed by the Department of Justice in 1991 after it determined that Hayward violated the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against families with children. Eden Roc was formerly an adults-only mobile home community. The owners of the park, along with the tenants, intended fo r Eden Roc to be children-free.

Apartment complex agrees to pay $9,000 to settle Grand Rapids family status discrimination case

In January, Cambridge Partners, owners of the Wyndham Hills apartment complex in Grand Rapids, Mich. agreed to settle a complaint of housing discrimination filed originally with the Fair Housing Center of Greater Grand Rapids and subsequently with the Department of Housing & Urban Development Region V / Office of Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity. The complaint was filed by Gordon and Cynthia Lietz who were twice turned down by Wyndham Hill Apartments. The complaint was settled with a concilia tion agreement approved by both parties and the federal government.

Federal jury orders landlords to pay $109,694 in damages and fees in Chicago racial discrimination case

In November, the brother and sister owners of a Chicago apartment building were ordered by the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois to pay $44,694 in damages after they discriminated against an African-American man over the telephone.

Sherman Flowers, a steam-plant engineer for the Chicago Board of Education, telephoned Emily Klatick to inquire about renting an apartment which had been advertised in the Chicago Tribune. During a second telephone conversation, Klatick asked Flowers whether he was Black.

Management company to pay $250,000 to settle McLean, VA family status discrimination suit

After a two-year court battle, a Virginia apartment complex has agreed to pay $250,000 to the plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit charging family status discrimination. On November 21, 1995, Judge Albert V. Bryan, Jr. signed a consent order that called for WEST*GATE and WEST*GROUP, Inc. to pay compensatory damages, attorneys' fees and costs to Rhonda Straka, Omnia Burgess, and the Fair Housing Council of Greater Washington.


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