1995 issues of The Advocate

Public Housing Near Pittsburgh: Allegheny County Tenants Win Suit for Scattered Sites, Section 8 Mobility

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania in December, approved of a consent decree that represents perhaps the most comprehensive resolution of a public housing desegregation case to date. This case, Sanders. et al. v. HUD. et al. was filed in 1988 on behalf of 5,000 African American residents of and applicants for public and Section 8 housing in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The suit was against HUD, the Allegheny County Housing Authority, Allegheny County, and Allegheny County Redevelopment Authority. The case was litigated primarily by Thomas J.

Public Housing Near Cleveland: Chagrin Falls, Ohio P H A & HUD Agree To $1,213,650 Upgrade and Desegregation Plan

Public housing tenants near Cleveland have obtained a $1,213,650 commitment from HUD to upgrade and desegregate their predominantly African-American development. The settlement was won by tenants of the Strickland Arms housing community located in Chagrin Falls Park, Geauga County, Ohio.

The plaintiffs' claims concerned the comparative quality and the racial composition of the family housing developments of Geauga Metropolitan Housing Authority. They also challenge community development activities carried out in Chagrin Falls Park.

Boston Broker Who Said Rental to Black Family Cost His Job Gets $10,000 Settlement from HUD ALJ

A Boston real estate broker who charged he was fired by his real estate company employer because he rented an apartment to an African-American family, settled his case for $10,000 in a consent order signed before hearing. HUD Administrative Law Judge Alan Heifetz approved the consent decree in February 1994.

The incident sparked a controversy over integration in a traditionally Italian-American neighborhood in Boston's North End.

HUD ALJ Includes Source of Income as Sex Discrimination in Holyoke, MA Case

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HUD Administrative Law Judge William C. Cregar issued a precedent setting decision in July, ruling that Holyoke, Massachusetts landlords George and Mary Ross illegally discriminated against tenants on the basis of sex and national origin. Judge Cregar assessed a $10,000 civil penalty against the landlords and awarded the Housing Discrimination Project, Inc.

HUD's "significant facilities" rule for seniors-only housing is eliminated

In December, President Clinton signed legislation to repeal the requirement that housing include significant facilities and services for older persons to qualify for an exemption to the Fair Housing Act's family-status provision.

Housing providers backed the legislation [H.R. 660], but it was strongly opposed by children's rights advocates, who argued that amending the law was unnecessary in light of HUD's promulgation, in August 1995, of a rule which defines significant fac ilities and services.

HUD ALJ O'Bryant Tells Las Vegas Public Housing to Pay $163,590 For Steering Black Mother and Daughter

In a sweeping order by HUD Administrative Law Judge Constance T. O'Bryant, the Housing Authority of Las Vegas, Nevada (HALV), was ordered to pay $163,590 for racial discrimination and racial steering of Blacks to segregated Black housing. Her November order came after three days of hearings on a complaint by Marie Campbell, a 42-year-old African-American, and her 12-year-old daughter, Michelle Kirkland. In 1993, Ms.


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